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Haemorrhoid Surgery

What is HALRAR Haemorrhoid surgery?

Haemorrhoid Artery Ligation Recto Anal Repair 

Why have HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery?

Excision of haemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy) is a very effective operation. However, this can sometimes be associated with significant post operative pain that can last several weeks. HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery is a very effective operation to treat haemorrhoids and is generally associated with less pain than a haemorrhoidectomy. When patients who do experience post operative pain following HALRAR hemorrhoid surgery, it is generally for a much shorter time than experienced with a hemorrhoidectomy. 

What is HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery?

HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery essentially involves internal stitching with dissolvable sutures. There are two components of HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery. The first part is the HAL (hemorrhoid artery ligation). An ultrasonic probe is utilized to identify the haemorrhoid arteries with are ligated (and occluded) with a stitch. This reduces the blood flow to the haemorrhoids and results in shrinkage of the haemorrhoids and reduces bleeding.

The second component of HALRAR hemorrhoid surgery is the RAR (recto anal repair). A series of stitches are placed in the prominent haemorrhoid tissue and then these are tied together which pulls the haemorrhoid tissue up and inside the rectum. This leads to further scarring and shrinkage of the haemorrhoid tissue. Importantly there is no tissue excised and no raw wounds. Also, stitches are not placed at the lowest, most sensitive part of the anus. 

What can I expect after HALRAR haemorrhoid surgery?

The experience after any haemorrhoid surgery can be different for each individual. Some patients can have minimal pain after surgery and some may experience some pain post operatively. This can be dependent on how large the haemorrhoids were. 

Regular pain relief is important and regular laxatives to avoid any constipation after surgery. Most patients arrange to have at least 1 week off work, depending on the type of work they do.